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How To Turn Your ideas Into Hand-Painted Artwork
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We are offering high-quality original artwork and painting
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How To Turn Your ideas Into Hand-Painted Artwork
Custom Art, made simple.

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Lenixart is an online platform for promoting quality art created by artists worldwide.
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Between 1965 and 1970, I had the pleasure of working and living with the master Pablo Picasso in Paris, this period struck me deeply. this period struck me deeply.
After the Netherlands, in 1981 I returned and stay in Portugal where I perform my creative works. I thank God for the gift of painting and the journeys I have traveled.

francisco Gaia

Cartaxo, Portugal
By observing the details of everyday surroundings, I find endless ideas from Nature. Working with watercolor has always been the choice for me because it flows from the brush and is never the same application.

In our day, when time flows very rapidly, when we can look at everything with a short break, inspired by art and based on the joy of life it gives, love in my paintings.

Emel Çevikcan

1958,West Bengal, India, I am artist-photographer, passed out from Delhi School of Art in 1983 & Advance Diploma in Advance photogaphy, Diploma in Mutlimedia in Design in 2003, having more than 20 years exp. in my profession

I exhibitd my painting through out India renowned art gallery from 1997 till today. My paintings are source of inspiration from nature and also global tittle.

Chanchal Ganguly

Mumbai, India
As an artist I like to capture a beautiful and positive emotion that lies in every being. I do not merely want to capture the image with my brushes, rather with careful colorful strokes I’d like to add fun in each of my work.

I also believe different objects help me add the emotion and message I intend to convey. It’s like a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Each canvas has an insightful story to tell.

Sajal Patra

New Delhi, India
His works are incorporated with the sublime beauty of human expressions. Through his painting, he captures mundane human life in the most magical way.

In his paintings endless possibilities of positive vibecan be found within despair and deep trouble.

Uttam Bhattacharya

Kolkata, India
Masks are not the faces but faces wear the masks. So sometimes they are the manifestations of one's mood and nature and sometimes not. We try to conceal our emotions and we become successful.

Thus what is hidden sometimes get exposed and what is exposed those need the colorful masks to hide.

Samir Chanda

Kolkata, India

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Painting, 39.00 W x 47.00 H x 0.78 D in


Painting, 8.27 W x 11.81 H x 0.12 D in


Flower Power
Painting, 12.00 W x 12.00 H x 0.00 D in
Art by Chutki


Painting, 40.00 W x 27.00 H x 1.00 D in


Painting, 26.00 W x 34.00 H x 1.00 D in


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Painting, 39.37 W x 39.37 H x 1.57 D in


Yellow flowers
Painting, 23.60 W x 23.60 H x 0.80 D in


Le ciel et la terre
Painting, 81.00 W x 116.00 H x 5.00 D in
Giraffe and baby
Painting, 18.00 W x 24.00 H x 24.00 D in


Prints from $100
Ghost bird
Painting, 35.00 W x 25.00 H x 1.20 D in


Mermaid Paradise
Painting, 36.00 W x 24.00 H x 0.00 D in
Kelly Davenport
United States


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