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Uttam Bhattacharya


About Uttam Bhattacharya


I do believe that humans are the most beautiful creation of God. Their myriad of expressions, their joys, sorrows and their dreams always fascinate me, intrigue me and fill my mind with wonder and awe. Through my painting, I try to capture my fascination in my own way.
In my painting, I intentionally deviate from the realistic portrayal of figures in order to capture and bring to life their world of dreams, agonies and ecstasies in my canvas. I take help of Charcoal to capture their pain and bright colour over it to capture their dreams and their hopes of finding endless possibilities within despair and deep trouble. Through my painting I always try to portray the rhythm of life- brightness in the middle of impregnable dark, joy in the midst of sorrow and hope amidst desperation.

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Uttam Bhattacharya Education

• B.Tech in Electronics and communications from Calcutta university
• MBA in Marketing from Calcutta university

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