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Romaya Puchman


About Romaya Puchman


I am a professional painter with a master's degree in easel painting.
I have over 30 years of professional and creative work experience in art. I took instruction from famous artists whose work I admired and quickly developed my own style.
My greatest passion is expression painting.
My artistic style is Impressionist and the abstract, creating a specific synthesis of approach. He is therefore able to bring about a feeling of light and harmony that is both poetic and aesthetic.
For me, art is a way to inspire, where I can make free and fascinating plays of color, texture, and imagination. A rare blend of the old and the new create a wonderful vision of light, color, and form.
My paintings are the realism of my mystic inner world. They explore modern concepts of beauty and feeling.

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Romaya Puchman Events


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Romaya Puchman Education

Graduated from the Art Institute, Baku, Azerbaijan.

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Romaya Puchman Exibition

2019 – “Listen to you Art” Exhibition for Eurovision 2019 in the Beit Zion America, T-A
2017 – “Israeli Art” Exhibition of Bank Hapoalim, Tel-Aviv, Bank Hapoalim, Israel
2015 –25 Twenty Digital Art Exhibition, Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem
2015 – “Israeli Art” Exhibition of Bank Hapoalim, Tel-Aviv, Bank Hapoalim, Israel
2015 – “ART & ABOUT” Exhibition in gallery ART & ABOUT , Emek Hefer, Israel
2014 – “ART & ABOUT” Exhibition centre Praterinsel Munich, Germany

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