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Janarthanan k


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I never seeks sympathy from anybody. lament about ANYTHING. My is confident and bold always.

I can play caroms with ease, play the keyboard with deftness (you will be too astonished if you see that i play music in the keyboard), play football and what not.

Normally, we never think of the difficulties of physically challenged people, we just sympathies with them for their physical disability. That's all. Look at the pains my parents have to take, imagine the various other difficulties.


It was the 4th of March in the millennium year. The day dawned for everyone as usual in Chennai but not for young Janarthanan, a mischievous little boy of 8 years studying in third standard who went to school as usual. He returned from school and threw his bag in one corner of the house, and the shoes in the other corner, like every other child does. He then rushed to the terrace of his building to play.

On reaching the terrace, he started playing with his friends. Suddenly fate had brawled with him in the form of an iron rod, seven feet in length. The rod fascinated little Jana and he took the rod to rotate it like a hero. Suddenly, it came into contact with a HT Electrical line that was passing adjacent to the terrace. The electric shock waves ran through the boy's body and the transformer nearby burst into flames with a huge bang. The neighbors ran to the terrace and to their dismay saw Janarthanan half burnt. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment and his parents spent nearly Rs.1.5 Lakhs within a week. Unable to bear the medical expenses, the boy was given treatment at the Government Stanley Hospital, Chennai. Under the guidance of child specialist Dr.Seeniraj, 13 specialist doctors treated him. Ultimately, the burnt organs had to be removed from his body and they amputated his right hand till his shoulders, left hand till the elbow. They also amputated his left leg till the knee and removed the toes from his right leg. It was Dr.Seeniraj who masterminded the surgeries with full confidence and the motivator for the young boy who was undergoing treatment in the hospital for six months and ignited the young mind to live life like every other child. In fact, he advised young Janarthanan to write with the help of his mouth and study further.

After six months treatment and motivation, Janarthanan was admitted at KK.Nagar rehabilitation center to have artificial limbs. He started practicing to walk, bearing pain.
But the boy was courageous enough to withstand the pain just at the recollection of the untold difficulties and mental agony his parents had undergone to save his life. Added to this, his self-confidence and motivation made him walk during the practice sessions and start writing during late nights with his mouth. This gave some happiness to young Janarthanan and his parents. Jana's father had a printing press which he sold off to treat his son, spending nearly Rs. 4 Lakhs.

Jana used to practice writing 1,2,3 in a notebook, with his mouth. One day, he saw his mother scribbling some small flowers in the inside of the back cover of that notebook. It just struck him as to why not attempt drawing those small flowers with his mouth itself. That was the starting point for Jana's unbelievable mouth painting skill. Initially, by continuous practice of writing with the mouth, he could not open the mouth and it became stiff, Jana says. "I worked hard with full confidence undertaking the practice very regularly for long hours, even running late into the night". Jana's father Mr.P.S.Kesavan used to sit with him, encouraging him all the way through. His younger sister Sandhya is of great support and encouragement to him. Now, Jana can fluently write by his mouth and draw many arts and paintings.

To continue his education after learning to write perfectly, he tried in various schools before getting admission in Redeemer Matriculation School, Chennai. Presently (as of 20th May 2008), Jana has finished writing (of course, using his mouth) his 10th standard board exams.

"In the beginning, everybody including my school friends used to avoid me and wouldn't come near me. Then slowly, the situation changed and now all my schoolmates are my great friends. They help me like anything. As soon as I enter the school, they carry my bag etc. and act as escorts in so many situations. They make my school life so....... enjoyable. During the initial days of my re-started school life, during drawing period, when other children used to draw, I used to sit quietly and my teacher used to look at me pathetically as to how I would draw the pictures. This gave me an urge to succeed in drawing pictures and catapulted me to this level of drawing pictures", says Jana.

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"After a few months, I participated in the drawing competition at my school and won the first prize. The entire school was surprised on seeing my ability of painting by my mouth. This paved the way for me and inculcated more courage in me to participate in various competitions. In the national level competition conducted by the Victoria Technical Institute, Chennai, I bagged the first prize and I couldn't believe myself that day and I was feeling so ecstatic." says a gleaming Jana. Then success after success poured within an year's span and I won nearly 15 first prizes. My paintings and drawings were featured in all National and International media." This success, he attributes to his parents' tireless efforts/perseverance, the motivation given by his doctor and mentor Dr.Seeniraj, and to the correspondent and teachers of his school.

VDMFK International Conference May-2012. It was Jana's first experience in a plane and naturally his first trip abroad. The international mouth and foot painters' organization had organized an international conference, meeting and exhibition in Singapore for foot and mouth painters, all over the world.

At 2011 Nov, jana got the job in tv media [pudhiya thalaimurai tv channel] as Graphics Designer Designation. He serviced there for 2 years, worked at [gaming company], And Directed 4 short-films, pilot film and upto 35 short films Editing & CG Works. He wants to make Future films and start an organization for others with disability

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Janarthanan k Education

Well-wishers of Jana have helped him out from around the world coming to know of him through this very site or his various appearances in the print/visual media and have sponsored him computer, mobile etc. in the past 7 years. Jana has a great ambition to become an expert he future. Jana asserts that he will work hard and restore his family's fortunes to a greater level, via his arts and academics. Let us wish Jana all the very best to become a successful computer graphics designer. In this context, one shall note that after completing his 10th Std. successfully (writing with his mouth), Jana took up and successfully completed a comprehensive course in Graphics Design at 'Criya Media Works', Adyar. After his 12th, he undertook (Sept 2010 onwards) VFX Diploma course at Loyola College, Chennai.

After he completes his 'vfx' course, let us pray he gets a position in the channel itself. Jana is stunningly good in multimedia works, I understand. Since I don't have the latest computers with graphics software like Maya, etc.

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Janarthanan k Exibition

Victoria Techenical Institute Chenai,Tamilnadu,india.
Suntech Mall At Singapore.
Exhibit at Banglore.

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