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Francesco Graci


About Francesco Graci


Francesco Graci was born in Sicily in 1994, and shows interest in painting from an early age, completes the artistic high school with a diploma in artistic decoration and painting, during these years he carries out numerous group exhibitions together with important exponents, then he enrolls in the academy of fine arts and completes his study of art with the second degree academic diploma in painting, makes a solo exhibition of painting in Sicily and exhibits his paintings in various points of Italy, Germany and manages to get the his paintings also in Austria, the Philippines, France and Spain. His intention is to leave an imprint to be there as well when he will no longer be there.

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Francesco Graci Events

impromptu painting, group exhibitions and a personal exhibition

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Francesco Graci Education

Academy of fine arts

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Francesco Graci Exibition

tour in italy of art with colored chalks on the street

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Francesco Graci Artist Review

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