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Natalia E. Woytasik is a female German painter who lives in Italy/ Europa. She completed her diploma of Art in Mannheim / Germany and presents her series Caos at LenixArt Gallery.
Since she lives in the ancient part of southern Italy in the "Cilento of the Campanie" in Italy, the abstract works of art are created in the strong colors of the typical Italian seascape, this part of the Italian seascape with the Acoustic of ancient Terme and Temples in southern Italy.

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woytasikArte Education

°1991/95 Study Art in Mannheim/Germany at the Freie Kunstschule Rhein-Neckar

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woytasikArte Exibition

Natalia E. Woytasik had several exhibitions in Europe, and is represented in several online galleries with other works of art...

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woytasikArte Artist Review

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