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Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Iulia Cazacov, I was born in Moldova.In 2013 I moved to America. I was drawn to art and I began to create. I worked on this for a very long time, but I wanted something special, unique both in the use of ideas and materials.My creative work includes: Panel Board, Cotton Canvases ,️ Oil Painting,Modeling Paste,Gold leaf, Crystal, Quartz,️ Epoxy, Mirror, everything is cut by hand and every single piece is proprietary. I also love to do drywall art sculpture. I want my paintings to give people a pleasant feeling of joy, delight, some calmness, and strength.

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Iulia Education

At 2008 I entered the Academy of Economics as an accountant. After graduating from the academy, I realized that I was drawn to art.

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