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Artist Mudasir Rehman


About Artist Mudasir Rehman


Meet Famous, Artist, painter, MudasirRehman, Dar First, Creative Contemporary, Artist
National and international Award winner.
From Jammu And Kashmir India,

Awarded, In Asia, India Book, Of Records,
Famous for making the world’s smallest, painting of holy khabba, on stone, Ring leaf, and pencil, lead.

MudasirRehman Dar. Better known as Artist well known painter, famous for unique style of creative Abstract paintings. freelance Artist MudasirRehman, Multifaceted, did colourful, transformation, of kashmir, Beauty, Poetry, and literature, in Contemporary, AbstractArt,
MudasirRehmanDar, Self, taught visual Artist, He has been Awarded, as Artist of the District, KulgamArtistMudasirRehman,
2017, District, Administration, kulgam, J&K,
Promoting, Art, and Culture, Award, 2021,
Government, of Jammu and Kashmir India,
And won, many National, and International, Awards. For his Creative, Artwork.
From South Kashmir’s kulpora village of Kulgam district Jammu and Kashmir. india

Famous, creative, artist from Kashmir gains entry in Asia, India book of records

My art always gives a social message:- Mudasir Rehman Dar

Jammu and Kashmir India,:- A famous creative artist from Kulgam is probably the first Kashmiri creative Abstract artist Awarded in Asia india Book Asian book of records

Mudasir Rehman Dar a resident of Kulpora village in Kulgam district is known in whole Kashmir for famous creative abstract painting and portraits and has been carving for platform to display his talent despite winning several awards at mega stages.

MudasirRehman Dar , while talking to news agency—said that since his childhood he was naturally attracted towards the art. “I used to make paintings with different messages. I usually tried to focus on social evils through my art work like drug addict, child labour and other social injustices besides ongoing conflict,” he said, adding that “this art work is giving me peace of mind.”

He said: “So far, I have won so many awards at national, state and district level besides dozens of certificates.

He said that getting entry in Asian and Indian book of records is acknowledgement of your work which makes a person happy but real happiness is will be when he will a platform where he an show his real talent.

MudasirRehman .Dar said that he is getting appreciation because of the art at different mega stages but the support which “I need to continue my art work from government is nowhere in sight.”

Mudasir Rehman Dar said that Kashmiri youth are talented but they lack platforms where they can show their talent and government must look into it seriously

It is pertinent to mention here that MudasirRehman is a God gifted talent and is even painting world’s smallest painting of the Holy Kabbah on ring stone leaf and pencil lead
Artist MudasirRehman said. I know that Art world is an ocean and I'm just a droplet in that ocean.

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Artist Mudasir Rehman Events

National work shop Kashmir University Jammu and Kashmir India

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Artist Mudasir Rehman Education

Diploma in General painting

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National and international Exhibitions

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Artist Mudasir Rehman Artist Review
Artist Mudasir Rehman  
Artist Mudasir Rehman  
Famous Creative artist Mudasir Rehman
Artist Mudasir Rehman  
Famous Creative artist Mudasir Rehman

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