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Justine May V Estacio


About Justine May V Estacio


Justine May Estacio has an artist name of "Kuting" is a self taught artist born in Jala-Jala Rizal, Philippines in the year 2002. At the age of 16 she used art to escape and express herself to others. As she grew up, the enthusiasm in her heart to chase his art career grew fonder. She was full of astonishing ideas in her mind. She's currently taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, she's still able to continue his passion. As she kept exploring with different mediums to find out the perfect medium that describe who's she as an artist.

In the four years of exploring, she decided to settle on the used watercolor as her painting medium, now she's kept studying oil paints. Her goal in the first place is to make a realistic painting, but in the midst of her journey and having a differ realization in the art field. She's settling on making nude art to show her appreciation for the human body.

Most of her artwork was exhibited by a various online art exhibition especially in ArtShow Philippines.

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I have 12 online art exhibition

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