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Synoj Sivan


About Synoj Sivan


Born on 21 Jan 1982 at Kannoor. I am Synoj Sivan, a professional and sagacious acumen painter, residing at Kannore in Kerala.

I do follow and resort the stamp and style of “REALISM OF BRITISH ACADEMY” I started my canvas venture at the age of 12. At the outset I used water colours for my tablature. Later I started to blend a texture of sumptuous feast of art of painting using oil colours.

I never leave queerness, novelty and newness of my portraits in any level of my art. I can draw and build up the minds of viewers and spectators that dare to think beyond their ideation and concept.
I can adapt a special skill to fulfill the dreams into reality through my paintings and have confidence of spearheading the reality into Trance state.

I am highly competent and motivated passion for pursuing all elements of art in my paintings, that too, through my own ability dedication, hard work and perseverance.

My motivation and incite over this art is actually through That Hon’ble King RAJA RAVI VARMA, the world famous and renowned portraitist.

My aim and motto is to convey and disseminate Indian culture and civilization all over the GLOBE, through my tablature, as I do believe that an insight of a pure art brings out the fact and figures that doesn’t see the yeoman.

Beside my Guru Sri. Mohan Kumar, the also called Teacher, I have been very much influenced by my beloved grandma from whom the stories of Puranas. Epics and Sagas were imbibed in childhood and later which were imbued in the canvas, which project in my later paintings.
I have, so far, conducted exhibition in all most everywhere in Kerala and many places in India and also participated in many Auctions all over the world My next destination and goal is to spread my skill and ability in the whole Universe, If Almighty boons..

My famous and splendid painting, “Lady with Swan” is accepted for an online auction at London by famous agency recently.
I am proud to express that I am an Indian Artist executing bold, vibrantly colored narrative painting in a modified style. I am a modern Indian painter with an eye to the past. I am a well-known painter of national acclaim. My ambition is to become famous at National and International level and pioneer in the world of colours. As far I am concerned, painting is LIFE AND SOUL of me. I always interesting in brushing colours of figures and events. Paintings also incorporate memories from the artist’s own life.

I hope. I would be as much acclaimed artist in the near future scenario. I am primarily a self-taught man with god gifted caliber with inclination towards PURANA’s & VEDIC events.

I become interested in painting in my early age and sought solace in the ART. In my childhood I began spending most of my time loitering on painting and drawings.
I select to explore several topics of characters of PURANA’s in the Paintings. I am as gifted at painting somber topics as I am creating in a caustic works.

Painting of Indian urban and a rural life are also recurring motifs in my art. I had my first solo International Exhibition at BRTISH ACCADAMY in the early age of 18.
As a prolific artist, I created many memorable paintings in the art gallery in the early stages.

I am in the habit of portraying HINDU DIETIES in conventional ways that are acceptable to all. I never have in my painting did hurt the sentiments of people as I always bestow much esteem to them.
My parent whole heartedly supported me in my child hood to promote my skills which continues even now.

My themes usually include topics as diverse as RAMAYANA, MAHABARTHA and so on.

Other significant and serious works of mine are portrait paintings like are Bala Reddy, Menon Hemkrithi, Subrahmanyan, Swami Anandha, Lakshmi Bhi, Keerthana Bhai Saheb, Jennofer, Daina jonn, Pitter, Padmini Reddy Bhi, Mehan Kartha, Narayana Pisharadi, Velu Swammy, Dr.Lekshmi Narayanan, V.N. Sivan, Dr.Mohandeva Varma, Prof. Mohan kumar, Radha Nayak, Veera Simha Rao Choudhari, Krishna Simha, Lasya Priya, Narendra Varma etc.

I want to climb the ladder of success to become one of the prominent painters slowly and gradually as I always believe in the old sayings slow and steady win the race. Characters rather than situations are often the driving force behind my paintings I have an insatiable appetite for selection of themes which projects in all my arts. A splendid and attractive portrait of Sri. Mookambika Devi is dedicated at Sri .Mookambika temple for the devotees in 2013, which is my favorite painting that I took three years to complete effort. While imbuing this portrait, I have to confront many mental agonies and sufferings which I cannot forget in my life. I try my best to bring out the portraiture, a simple and promising venture and to encourage and persuade the future generation.
As an artist I am a bird to bring out and identify twilight even at an early hours before the dawn appears in earth .I always stick on to this process in both my life and art Hundreds of my paintings are in my stock of creativity, which were exhibited in Trivandrum and cochin so far.
It may be noted that I am the one and only artist who follows the style of that well known artist Raja Ravi Varma. It is he who influenced and stimulated me to pave the way for my success till date.
Some of the prominent and major illustrations furnished below, commonly known as Synoj style of paintings.
Lady in the garden. Wisdom, Mayoora sree, Arjuna, Rama and Lakshmana, Bharathan, Lady with swan, Menaka, Sakunthala and Dushyantha, The pearl, Sree Sankara, Tamil Dancer, Galawenibhandha, Queen of Heart, Kaamini, Sweet Heart, Wisdom (Child), Coming into Being, Sleeping beauty, Sleeping around, The Snooze, Asya, Nala, Hamsa, Viswajanani, Pingala, Kanya, Lady in the lake, Mahave, Mahalekshmi, Man and Lion, Aruni and Swethaketha, Vathmiki, Meera, Soft Nothing, Hamsathwani, Gowri sankaram, Malsyagandhi, Lady with Goldfish, Droupathi, Mathangi, Soorya Namaskar, The faith, The Deer stalker, Consecrate, A blond, Dancers, Thanjavoor Lady, Lady with Rabbit, Radiance and so on.
In my paintings, Deities and Gods are being appeared in the form of human being which flummoxes everybody. This is a salient features and particular tactic seen in my paintings only. In my paintings two conspicuous culture and civilization coincide which reflects throughout my hue pot.
Recently I accomplished my forerunning effort at DARBAR HALL by contributing a treasure house of pictures imbued for a covert namely REALISM at British Academy. I have proved my intelligibility by portraying “EKALAVIA AND SAKUNTALA” Prominent characters of Hindu mythology.
I always do my endeavor keeping in mind the slogan painting work is both an ART AND SCIENCE.
It is an art in the sense that it is a meticulous tact with accuracy which reflects throughout my paintings.
It’s a science in the sense that it is a co-ordination and harmony of both heart and brain from where imagination originates and materializes into reality.
My painting is a sum total of vibration, feeling and thought. It is how my goal is achieved Characters rather than situations are often driving force behind my paintings at the age of 18 onwards, I started to take part in the auctions of paintings. I participated in the exhibitions at different Art Galleries. I partook the exhibitions and auctions in various houses in India and abroad like CHRITIE’s LONDON AND SOTHEBY’s. Other auctions which I participated are:- Canvas auction in London, Indian auction in Mumbai, U.K. Art price auction. Sout Muzayede, Sesil Muzayede, Art point auction, Cucurcuma muzayede, RC auction house, Public auction New York, H H N Art auction, Museum.
It may be noted that I am the one and only artist who follows the style of that well known artist Raja Ravi Varma. It is he who influenced and stimulated me to pave the way for my success till date.
I am so dedicated with my art that I have been spending my life so far for the magical world of colours. Anyone outside would ever say that I am a “MAN OF ART”, that is true in all aspects of my life.

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