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Francois Desnoyers


About Francois Desnoyers


I am a self-taught artist, mainly because I was about tree years old when I started to lose myself into drawing. As a curious little boy, I quickly got interested in art because my parents had a nice library filled with many art books. I was fascinated by all the images I found in these books, so I started copying them. That exercise soon thought me a lot about drawing, of course, but also about space, balance, movement and the depth of emotion that can occur through the struggle between shadow and light. It was then that I began to think of myself as an artist. Along the way, I discovered all kinds of aspects in which beauty could take form. These were my first interactions with the world of art, the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
Then, in my late teens, I undertook studies in French literature instead of Visual arts because I was bad at writing (I loved reading). I was convinced that literature was an art form that could help me see more clearly the creatures I was supposed to produce in the future. This was followed by a bachelor’s degree in Studio art at Concordia University where I met Jean McEwen who had a noticeable influence on my output of that period.
Later on, I read something called “A Brief History of Time”, which added yet another layer to my interests. The world had become even more interesting, filled with beauty I couldn’t have imagined existed. Whatever needs to exist must first be birthed by our imagination. The philosopher Simone Weil wrote that nothing, in this world, is absolutely worthy of our love, and that consequently we must love what doesn’t exist, and I agree wholeheartedly.

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Francois Desnoyers Education

Certificate in project management from HEC Montreal
BA in Studio arts from Concordia university in Montreal
BA in French literature from the university of Montreal

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Francois Desnoyers Exibition

2015 Gora gallery
2007 Gora gallery
2006 Gora gallery
2001 Maison de la culture Côte-des-neiges

Salons and group shows
2006 Festival of Japanese & Canadian Current Art, Bonsecours Market, Montreal
2006 Ourense museum, Ourense, Spain
2006 International Show of Nantes Chantenay, Nantes Chantenay, France
2006 Energy gallery, Toronto
2005 22nd Spring salon of the CAPSQ, Montreal
2004 Art Miami, Miami
2003 The Affordable Art Fair, New York
2002 Spring Salon, Montreal
2002 New Art Barcelona, Barcelona
2001 Lieu-Ouest gallery, Montreal
1992 Contemporary art gallery of Montreal, Montreal

Public and private collections
The Museum of Contemporary art of Montreal
Bernard Lamarre, Montreal
Joe Padulo, Florida

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Francois Desnoyers Artist Review

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